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Chikusen Junmaidaiginjo Black label<br>720ml   Alc vol. 15%

Chikusen Junmaidaiginjo Black label
720ml Alc vol. 15%

¥2,700 JPY

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Product : 竹泉純米大吟醸 山田錦 黒ラベル / Chikusen Junmaidaiginjo Black label
Category : Junmaidaiginjo
Seimai buai : 50%
Style : Pasteurized
Contents : 720ml
Acl Vol. : 15%
Sake meter : 7
Acid meter : 1.1
Ingridents :Rice, Rice malt
Koji rice : Yamadanishiki
Brewing rice : Yamadanishiki 

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Hong Kong : Cuvees

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